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Live/Studio Recordings
Pete Seeger/C Lanzbom

Music written, arranged and produced by Grammy Award winner C Lanzbom, for a compilation of spoken word pieces featuring Pete Seeger, compiled and presented by Grammy Award winner Jeff Haines.

Genre: Israeli-Arabic

Instrument: Fiddle

Blue Harvest

After years of playing with other groups, I decided to start my own band. I called it a "Bluegrass" band, but we drew inspiration from every form of acoustic American music we could get our hands on.

Genres: Old-Time, Bluegrass, Texas Swing, Gospel, Vaudeville Jazz

Instrument: Fiddle

Mixed and produced "Just Around The Bend"


For ten years I played dives and concert halls (some days back to back!) with Lenahan, featuring multi-instrumentalist and four time ASACAP award winning songwriter Tom Lenahan.  The band was described as "Celtic-Rock", but we took Country, Ska, Reggae, Jazz and whatever else we could think of and somehow found a way to make it "Celtic". I recorded three albums with the band.

Genres: Celtic, Celtic-Rock, Country, Blues, Classical

Instruments: Fiddle/Violin, Electric Guitar, 12 String Guitar, Lap Steel Guitar

Co-mixed and co-produced "Brand New Bag!"

Ivan Rubenstein-Gillis

Ivan is a singer-songwriter whose work has been featured in (among other things) a PSA produced by the United Nations.  As one of the founding members of "Ivan's Dream Band", I worked with Ivan on numerous projects, including four studio albums.

Genres: Folk, Rock, Latin Jazz

Instruments: Fiddle/Violin, Mandolin


I have collaborated with Grammy Award winner C Lanzbom on numerous projects.  One of the first collaborations was with his band "Soulfarm".

Genres: Folk, Rock, Jewish, Bluegrass

Instrument: Fiddle

Guillaume Goussault

met Guiluame when he was performing with Jon Vesey as "The Second Fiddles".  This is a solo project that was produced by David Bennett Cohen, who is one of the founding members of Country Joe and the Fish.

Genre: Folk

Instrument: Fiddle


This is another project that I worked on with C, along with Matt Turk, taking the concept of "Old and In The Way" and expanding it to include the many different projects that Jerry Garcia worked on during his lifetime.

Genres: Bluegrass, Jam Band

Instrument: Fiddle

The McCabes

I worked with The McCabes, on and off, for about ten years, By 2005, I had become a full-fledged member of the band. At that time we went into the studio to record some "Songs For Breakfast".

Genres: Country, Celtic-Rock, Rock

Instruments: Fiddle, Mandolin

Co-mixed and co-produced "Songs For Breakfast"

The Dirdy Birdies Jug Band

The Dirdy Birdies have been around for over 50 years. I started working with them fifteen years ago. We traveled to Louisville, Kentucky to perform at The National Jug Band Jubilee. The shows were recorded and released on a compilation album that highlighted the Jubilee.

Genres: Blues, Vaudeville Jazz, Folk

Instrument: Fiddle

C Lanzbom/Ryan Cavanaugh

Here's another project I had the pleasure of working on with C, featuring Ryan Cavanaugh on banjo.

Genre: Jazz

Instrument: Violin

Nanette Natal

I had a great time recording this song.  This album was recorded live to a two track tape machine.

Genre: Jazz, Blues

Instrument: Violin

Jodee James

I worked with Jodee for a few years playing festivals and coffee houses. I was asked to record some fiddle tracks for the album that she was working on at the time. By the time the project was finished, I ended up editing, mixing and producing several of the tracks.

Genre: Welsh

Instruments: Fiddle, Electric Bass, Lap Steel Guitar

Edited, Mixed and Produced these excerpts from "Two Shores"

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