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Compositions for
Film, Dance and Theater: 1992 - 94

(Mostly) experimental works from my college days.

Jesus Saves
00:00 / 08:22

This is the score for an experimental computer animated film which premiered at The Tisch Animation Festival at Town Hall. I'd tell you the plot, but there really isn't one. At this time I was heavily into synthesizers, samplers, unusual recording techniques and...78s (as you'll see at the end). The director asked "Can you make it a little bit techo?" and I went off from there. This one has just about everything in it but the kitchen sink!


Programmed, performed, recorded, mixed and mastered by Clarence Ferrari

(With a little help from Matt Koza on the tenor sax)

Mental Monkey Scratch
00:00 / 10:34

This is a dance piece written for The Next Stage Theater, (located off of Times Square) which featured many talented composers, choreographers and writers. The piece tells the story of a person trying to find inner peace in a crazy world. I combed the SFX Libraries, recorded hours of television programs and delved head first into the (relatively new) realm of digital editing to create the opening sequence. This is followed by a structured improvisation on the piano, with some other weird "bits" thrown in, including a "recap" of the intro.


Performed, recorded, edited, mixed and mastered by Clarence Ferrari

Mental Monkey Scratch "String Quartet"
00:00 / 01:23

This is my favorite "bit" from Mental Monkey Scratch. I recorded four violin parts at different tape speeds and ran the tracks through pitch shifters and other effects to create a string quartet the likes of which you won't be hearing at a concert hall anytime soon!


Performed, recorded, mixed and mastered by Clarence Ferrari.

St. Elmo's Match
00:00 / 02:11

This is the opening credits for a film, which (as far I know) never got made, about a sax player movin' to the "big city". The director asked if I could "...make it sound like 'St. Elmo's Fire'...". Having never seen the movie, I immediately answered "Yes!", thus the name.

Performed (12 String Guitar), recorded, mixed and mastered by Clarence Ferrari.

Oatmeal of The Self-Loathing
00:00 / 15:25

Well this is what happens when you listen to too much Albert Ayler! Here is another piece written for a new music concert at the Next Stage Theater. The first section is based on a series of improvisations that were sequenced, edited and notated for the ensemble (with tone rows playing above it). The rest of the piece is a text based improvisation (á la John Zorn) where each member of the ensemble takes turns "leading" the group through each section of the "story". Several members of the audience walked out during the performance, so I knew I was on to something!


Performed (Violin & Effects), recorded, and mastered by Clarence Ferrari.

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